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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club's Results

Winnewana Checkpoint Run O-Meet
April 4, 2015

Meet Director: Igor Guskov

Great weather, great turnout for a season opener. 

Mark Voit dominates Red, Barbara Niess-May triumphs on Green, Tom Lee comes back from a long break with a win on Orange. 

Newman Team wins Yellow (Joseph Brown gets the best time but he does it after running Orange which has lots of same legs so that does not count I say).

Big thanks to Ati, Mark, Dennis, Jennifer, and Barbara for control pickup! And thanks to Jens for vetting the course!

And the splits are here.

Lots of folks got burned and mispunched on two nearby controls #43 (shallow reentrant on Red/Green) and #53 (erosion gully on Yellow/Orange). Check your codes, guys!!

Thanks everybody for coming!



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