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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club's Results

Pontiac Lake O-Meet
April 13, 2014
Meet Director: Elena & Michael

On Orange, Patrick Zabawa made an impressive showing, losing only four minutes to Ali; Tizoc Cruz-Gonzales came another six minutes behind. In the spirit of clearing out his competition, Mike would like to know if these guys might like to move up to Green? (In the spirit of clearing out hers, Elena likes them just fine where they are.) On the Green route, Lew Kidder beat both Andrew Metz and the course designer Oleg Koptelov to victory. There were some close calls among the lower-ranked members, with Heidi Snyder beating Megan Donahue by as little as two seconds! Ali Crocker and Mark Voit both finished the Red course in under an hour; Mark returned with an impressively skinned knee to tell horror stories of what else one can injure while orienteering. Igor Guskov fell six minutes behind Mark, but looked intact on return.

In addition to Oleg, large thank-yous go to Jens Christiansen, Ali Crocker, Elena Gouskova, Igor Guskov, Dennis Elston, and Andrew Metz for help with putting up and taking down controls and other Stuff; and to Mary Joscelyn for storing the Stuff over winter. Also, a big thank you to Rick Waldo for pre-running the red course.

Red - 6.0km, 15 controls electronic results
Ali Crocker 51.59
Mark Voit 58.55
Igor Guskov 65.03
Jens Christiansen 78.18
Cooper Green 84.11
Alex Izzo 88.1
Tony Misovski 92.41
Michelle Green 103.32
Greg Gibbard 115.51
Tom Allen 141.29
Mike Hanchett 142.11
Dennis Elston 157.25
Cris Cataldo  OE
Brenda Carlson-Brown  OE
Wyatt Hazlett  OE
Matt Johnson  OE
Erin Vicary  OE
Green - 4.6km, 11 controls electronic results
Lew Kidder 82.06
Andrew Metz 88.49
Oleg Koptelov 89.38
Michael Nikkila 94.45
Ian Sommerville 95.39
Roddy Wares 101.01
Jeff & Jennifer 102.13
Brian Halliwill 108
Charles Newman 108.15
Pat Murad 119.58
Mike Ryan 123.04
Jason Pasinetti 129.26
Heidi Snyder 140.02
Megan Donahue 140.04
Gordon Seeley 165.42
Brian Beddur  OE
Krumlauf family  OE
Barbara Niess-May  OE
Hao Wen Team  OE
Orange - 4.1km, 9 controls electronic results
Ali Crocker 32.04
Patrick Zabawa 36.11
Tizoc Cruz-Gonzales 42.13
Jess Franklin 71.01
Elena Gouskova 98.06
Lynn Leannais 100.17
Scott Dye 104.04
Igor Klimchynski + 2 107.09
Alan Baljeu 115.07
Kristel & Cristina 115.48
The Wyz Gang 133.51
Greg & Tony 134.37
Deccan Chargers 145.35
Sunrisers Team 146.34
Ontario Team 165.44
Krisanne & Karen 177.45
Paul Steigerwald  OE
Steve Garrison  OE
Lynn Lau  OE
Yellow - 2.9km, 7 controls
Paul Rozek, Teresa Katlin, John Truong, Ana Dyer, Reva Berman 84 min
Eric Sandberg 111 min
Kevin Rice 124 min
Team Avondale 133 min
White - 2.3km, 6 controls
Bill Girardin & Henry Foster OE



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