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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Bishop Lake O-Meet
October 7,  2012
Meet Director: Igor Guskov

We had great turnout at Bishop Lake despite colder weather and some rain.

The first control on Red and Green rattled some competitors, but many persevered and continued on their courses. In advanced classes, nobody went unscathed and everyone made some mistakes along the way, as can
be seen from the splits, posted at Mark Voit took the first place on Red after a very long day of travel, and Oleg Koptelov won the Green course competition.

Orange and Yellow course competitors also had challenging courses and tough competition. Roddy Wares was first on Orange, and Bill Girardin was victorious on Yellow.

This is a brand new map, and the meet director had some extra help and feedback from course vetters and pre-runners: Alison Crocker, Cooper and Michelle Green, and Rick Waldo. Alex Izzo, Jens Christiansen, Alan Oprsal, Tom Lee, Mark Voit, Jess Franklin, and Lew Kidder helped with control pickup. Jens also helped with registration and instruction.

Yellow Course
Bill Girardin 0:48:10
Team McLost - T. McCullough & K. McKeachie 0:52:07
Nancy Resnick team 0:53:35
Eric Gamberg 0:57:20
Jeff Williams 1:01:30
Diane Dutton & family 1:09:32
Tom & Ruth Piesik 1:29:17
Lynn & Audrey team 1:29:24
Oakland Steiner Team #2 1:41:00
Oakland Steiner School team #1 1:55:30
Eric Sandberg 1:56:00
Raphael Lame 2:27:58
St Amour team Galina 3:15:00
Erin Riggs team OE

Roddy Wares 71:21
Donald Jones 84:22
Michael Chmutov 90:31
Mikala Rioux 94:45
Jason Pasinetti 96:37
Matt & Megan Ross 99:59
Art & Marina Team 103:53
Jess Franklin 106:07
John Jones & Jared Team 109:54
Benzie Team 115:21
Robert Messmer 115:54
Dick Fortune & Judy Weinburger 149:43
Wes Ridner 162:52
Kris Verschoor OE
Brian Slane & Madison OE
Ed O'Brien OE
Oleg Koptelov 103:02
Pat Murad 114:05
Elena Yudovina 119:59
Mike Keating 140:59
Matt Johns 141:48
Andrew Matts 143:14
Joe Chemler 162:30
Alan Baljeu 164:32
Mike Ryan 165:09
Shawn Murray 165:42
Zach Clark Team 166:14
Thien Nguyen DNF
Cody McDaniels DNF
Jake Finger Team DNF
Wyatt & Barbra Team DNF
Steve Garrison DNF

Mark Voit 84:57
Jens Christiansen 92:28
Tom Svobodny 115:16
Alex Izzo 132:48
Lew Kidder 158:37
Chris Jones & Jeremy Short 174:51
Thomas Lee DNF
Mike Hanchatt DNF
Shane Brezee DNF
Ricardo Lung DNF