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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



MAY 19, 2012
Meet Director: Mike Keating

The meet day was clear and warm with late afternoon highs in the upper 80s. The forecasted high temperatures may have held down the turnout some. The courses for the most part were laid out in very nice open woods (white on the map). The fastest finisher on Red was Chris Svoboda from the Chicago Area Orienteering club followed by Rick Waldo. Alex Izzo got the cast off his right hand earlier in the week and blitzed to the fastest time on Green followed by Rich Gaylord of the Chicago Area Orienteering Club. Four adventure club racers on green got two maps and two epunches but went out together and finished together (although Paul’s “team” punched first so the epunch results showed them 2 seconds faster than Josh’s “team”). Orange had the closest one-two finish of the day with Ed O’Brien finishing just 12 seconds faster than Dave Geelhoed & Kelly McDonnell . The Yellow course was a scenic route around Hall Lake (so too was a part of Orange). Yellow had three groups that were orienteering for the first time. Scott Preston & Tyler Kavitz were the fastest with Bob & Kim Buckingham the second fastest. The NJ ROTC White Cloud group had an instructor with them, but he completely let the “kids” figure the navigation out for themselves. We look forward to seeing the new orienteerers at future meets. White had only a group of two, Martha and friend, and they finished nicely in 48 minutes 50 seconds.

Special thanks goes to my wife Mary Jean (MJ) Keating. She drove me around on Friday and waited while I placed controls in the woods. On Saturday, she helped with set-up, registration, and take down. She was even quite calm about stepping on a snake (she thinks it was a blue racer) while putting up a “Caution Runners Crossing Road” sign. Volunteers who helped pick up controls were Rick Waldo, Tom Lee, Pat Murad, Dennis Elston, Alex Izzo, and Marius Irgens Many hands make light work, so their help was greatly appreciated.

Martha Irons & Friend 48:50:00
Scott Preston & Tyler Kavitz 59:14:00
Bob & Kim Buckingham 71:05:00
Mary Joscelyn & Jessica Roberts 90:05:00
NJ ROTC White Cloud 190:00:00
Ed O’Brien 102:45:00
Dave Geelhoed & Kelly McDonnell 102:57:00
Bruce Confoath & Pam Kittel 134:53:00
Daryl & Drew Steveson 144:59:00
Jim Boles OE
David Erickson OE
Gail Perkins OE
Alex Izzo 65:46:00
Rich Gaylord 90:43:00
Pat Murad 96:43:00
Dennis Elston 112:12:00
Paul Emenheiser and friend 123:05:00
Josh Miller and friend 123:07:00
John Jones 158:09:00
Robin Baker OE
Chris Svoboda  72:11:00
Rick Waldo 77:45:00
Tom Lee 97:25:00
Marius Irgens 106:53:00
Jens Christiansen 125:06:00