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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Crooked Lake O-Meet
October 2, 2011
Meet Director: Mark Voit

Volunteers: Jens Christiansen, Megan Donahue, Jess Franklin, Karl Johnson, Igor Guskov, Pat Murad, Sebastian Voit, Rick Waldo

Hope the three preceding days of rain didn't keep you away. Everyone who showed up to Crooked Lake enjoyed a beautiful October Sunday. Many people found out that the swamps were quite full, but your meet director can report that his feet did not get wet once while he was hanging control flags. (The meet director's wife maintains that the meet director got away with this by using special secret knowledge of all the best marsh-crossing points.)

People on the Red and Green courses described them as challenging. Igor Guskov weathered the challenges most successfully, finishing in 87:38, and Matt Johns was first (by two seconds!) on Green.

Apologies to those on the Orange course who were confused by the typo on the clue sheet. Control #6 had the wrong code and description. The most experienced orienteers recognized that the control they found right in the middle of the circle must be the correct one, even though the code was not what they were given. If you spent a lot of time looking for another control point in that area with code 35, well, at least the weather was nice.

Everyone who started on Yellow and White found all the controls. Steve & Grace Garrison blew through the Yellow course in 43:17, while Mary Joscelyn and Pat Murad brought volumes of orienteering experience to bear on the White course, taking the victory in 44:38.

Mary Joscelyn & Pat Murad 44:38
Megan Ross 46:12
Don & Sara Bernstein 46:45


Steve & Grace Garrison 43:17
Greg Ehmke 64:00
Marty Gleespan Family (3) 73:01
Eskil & Petter Irgens 85:55
Rick Nemith 86:03
Jessica Monroe & Susan Haggerty 88:42
Raver Family (4) 92:37
Garwood Family (4) 94:27
Greg Bunkowsky (4) 98:10
Tom & Ruth Piesik 125:59

Jess Franklin & Karl Johnson 93:16
Ingeborg Kaus 124:48
Kit & Nancy Moran 153:00
Robert Messer 175:00
Dick Fortune & Judy Weinburger OE
David LeMay Family (3) OE
Ed O'Brien OE
Lynn LeAnnais OE

Matt Johns 91:51
Oleg Koptelov 91:53
Mike Keating 100:29
Chuck Newman 121:21
Megan Donahue 123:22
Joseph Marincel 149:30
Bryan Delany 150:40
Joe Chemler 164:03
John Jones OE
Sean Torrez OE
Marius Irgens OE

Igor Guskov 87:38
Matt Ross 96:52
Rick Waldo 98:41

Jens Christiansen
Alex Izzo 121:32
Jeff McWilliams & Zhaozhi Gao 153:12
Mike Ryan 200:22
Lew Kidder OE
Jeff Williams OE