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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Yankee Springs O-Meet
September 17, 2011
Meet Director: Joseph Burkhead

SMOC's Fall 2011 season kicked off w/ a National Orienteering Day event w/ over 35 orienteers enjoying the near-perfect orienteering weather at the glacially carved scenery of Yankee Springs State Recreation Area.

Advanced runners on Red & Green courses progressed through challenging technical terrain for the first half of the course, followed by a long distance leg testing route choice, then on to several quick-turn controls and a final technical leg to wrap up the course. Dave Eaton finished the Red course 10 min ahead of a group of runners all finishing w/ very close finish times. Mike Keating and Rich Gaylord led the way on Green.

The intermediate Orange course was led by Dan Markham.

Most runners on the Yellow course were new to orienteering. The course offered some nice lake and hillside views. Welcome to the sport and great job finishing! Tom Hollowell checked in w/ the fastest time.

Mary Joscelyn went unchallenged on the White course and had the fastest finish time of the day!

Special thanks to Becca, Mike and Mary for help w/ registration, instruction, and course setting. Especially thankful for Igor helping me learn how to run the SportIdent e-punch system as it was the first time I had used it. Many thanks also to Mark, Mike, Becca, Dave, Igor, Rick, Jens & Ed for helping w/ control pickup &/or take-down. Hopefully I am not missing anyone who helped, but if so, thank you!!

Mary Joscelyn 0:33:15

Tom Hollowell 0:57:10
International Explorers 1:15:30
Keith Rickli 1:17:10
David Erickson 1:53:00
Ravers 2:05:10
The Walker Team OE

Dan Markham 1:23:10
YSTR MP OE - 2:16:25

Mike Keating 1:30:41
Rich Gaylord 1:34:53
Mark Crews 1:49:15
Pat Murad 2:07:55
Oleg Koptelov 2:10:46
Alan & Daniel Baljeu OE - 1:47:30
Joe Chemler team OE - 2:46:45

Dave Eaton 1:08:56
Igor Guskov 1:21:01
Chris Svoboda 1:23:05
Rick Waldo 1:28:53
Ben Irwin 1:46:51
Brian Fox 2:00:05
Jens & Ed 2:52:23
Half Key OE - 2:10:00