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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Yankee Springs
September 25, 2010

Director: Joseph Burkhead

SMOC's Fall 2010 season kicked off with over 40 orienteers embarking on a partly cloudy, cool weather run through the glacially carved scenery of Yankee Springs State Recreation Area.

Advanced courses treated runners with a brisk passing through technical terrain northwest of Devils Soup Bowl, runnable forests and a small sprinting area east of Long Lake, detailed navigation on the way to and through the Pines Scenic Area, and a finish by way of Hall Lake and the rim of Devils Soup Bowl. Beginners saw Hall Lake and its western woods to include Graves Hill overlook. The courses allowed for fast paces between navigation points.

For the Red Course, Mark Voit blazed through the controls with a finish of 50:10 minutes. Rick Waldo, also with a rapid run, finished at 80:50. Two teams "Dick & Jane" and "Just Married" stepped up to the Red challenge and wrapped up the remaining slots. Matt Ross was unfortunate to experience an ankle roll injury, preventing what would have likely been another strong finish for the course. Get well soon Matt!

For Green, competition was tight with the top 3 all finishing within 10 minutes of each other. Mike Keating came in strong with 86:05 minutes, followed not far behind by Oleg Koptelov, Mike Fleishman, and Pat Murad.

On the Orange course, the "Churck, Christian and Justin" team led the way across the finish at 100 minutes even with Great Lakes Adventure in pursuit. Megan Ross received the "Sporting Withdrawal" finish for assisting injured runner Matt Ross. Thank you Megan.

On Yellow, finish times were also fairly tight with Mike Madden placing 1st at 65:35, Daryl & Drew Stevenson next at 66:20, and other runners finishing not far behind in the 70 minute ballpark. On the white course, young Isabell and Angela had a solid 1st place finish at 32:30.

Special thanks to the following contributors to the sport: Mike Keating for course setting, registration setup, beginer instruction, control pickup and especially coaching Joe on meet director-isms. Becca Burkhead for registration setup, beginner instruction, and control pickup. Rick Waldo and Dennis Elston for control pickup. Mary Joscelyn for SMOC newsletters.

We would also like to welcome two additional members to SMOC who joined us at the meet. Christina Zinn of Grand Rapids and Mike Fleishman from Leland. We look forward to seeing you both again in the future!

Mark Voit 50:10:00
Rick Waldo 80:50:00
Dick & Jane 159:07:00
Just Married 159:07:00
Matt Ross
Mike Keating 86:05:00
Oleg Koptelov 93:40:00
Mike Fleishman 96:35:00
Pat Murad 98:30:00
Megan Donahue 106:55:00
Jeff & Jennifer McWilliams 112:15:00
Greg Stepien
Chuck, Christian & Justin 100:00:00
Great Lakes Adventure 116:30:00
Megan Ross
Becca Burkhead
David Erickson
Mike Madden 65:35:00
Daryl & Drew Stevenson 66:20:00
Dennis Elston 70:00:00
Mike Lee 76:30:00
Team Bufo 77:30:00
Christina Zinn 94:30:00
Salinda & Koert Miller 103:30:00
Mary Joscelin
Isabell & Angela 32:30:00
Mike Lee 43:15:00
Bonnie, Reed & Finley Miller 92:45:00
Gloria & Nicholas 120:30:00