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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Peach Mountain
October 31, 2010

Meet Director Mike Keating

It was a lovely, seasonably cooler day for orienteering; and there was a very good turnout. For the previous several weeks, the multicolored leaves sometimes made the controls hard see up against the colored background. Today the leaves were down and the color was gone, so the controls were easy to see. On the other hand, the downed leaves obliterated any trace of indistinct trails and made even some distinct trails hard to see. Furthermore the downed leave made the steeper slopes slippery.

SMOC has conducted a 3 meet trial of e-punching. (E-punching is used at the United State Orienteering Federation A meets.) Igor Guskov spearheaded this trial. The e-punches were used for the Red and Green courses. From my perspective as a meet director, the e-punching worked great. The e-punch boxes were already attached to the controls, so there was no time difference in putting out or picking up the controls. The main advantage of e-punching, besides accuracy of the timing, is that it shows all controls were visited in the proper order and it shows each person’s split time to get from control to control. The Red and Green runners can see the results in winsplits or attack point here.

In attack point, under routegadget, the Red and Green runners can enter their routes through the woods on the map. Then one can play an animation for all runners who have entered their routes and watch their route choices and relative speeds. It is great fun so give it a try. As I write this, Igor Guskov already has his route entered.

I thought that on the Red, Green, and Orange Courses, there were two route choices to the finish: one down through the gravel pit and then back up to the finish, or the other to stay on the trails around the south-east side of the gravel pit (longer but less elevation change). However several red runners picked a third way of noisily crashing through the greenish area along the southeast rim of the gravel pit. The red course resulted in a very close finish among the top three runners, and the order did in fact change from the last control to the finish. Carl Arevang finished in 1:02.12, Igor Guskov in 1:02.23, and Dave Eaton in 1:02.53.

On the Green course, Dave Mielock was first in 1:09.29 and Roddy Wares was second in 1:28.42.

The Orange course had the largest number of participants with quite a few people participating as teams. The team of Bryan and Todd finished in first place with a time of 1:07.10. Second place went to Thien Nguyen in 1:12.00. On the Yellow course, the team of Jess and Karl finished first in 43.14, and the team of Katie and Lindsay finished second in 56.12.

Five teams participated on the white course. Three of the team’s were kids teams (each shadowed by one or more adults) who came early for some introductory training in map and compass reading. One of these teams, MJ & Aviva, finished first in 53 minutes 50 seconds. The second place team was Talai and Ann in 58 minutes 23 seconds.

Quite a few people helped me with this meet. Joe Burkhead vetted the red course before the controls were hung. Joe’s running time was about 90 minutes when he vetted the course. Daniel Griff, an experienced orienteerer from Israel, helped me put out controls on Saturday. (Daniel works for the airlines, is on temporary assignment in Detroit, and says that he is not used to the Michigan cold.) On the day of the meet, Igor Guskov came early and using the electronic timing ran the Red course first to make sure all the electronic boxes were functioning properly. Igor then helped with unloading the registration equipment, and manned the station for renting the e-punches or recording e-punch numbers for those SMOC members that already have their own. Later Igor did the downloading for the epunch results and posted them on the internet, and helped pickup controls. Tom Lee came early helped unload equipment, assisted with the orienteering instruction to the kids, helped carry stuff to the start, and then after he ran stayed late to help pick up controls. My daughter Mikala Rioux with the kid’s instruction, and my grandson Johnny Rioux carried cookies to the start. Also Lew Kidder and Rick Waldo carried water to the start. Mary Joscelyn came early to be the point person for registration. My wife Mary Jean Keating also helped with registration and in transporting equipment. Also helping with control pickup were Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson, Alan Oprsal, and Alan Baljeu. A special thanks to all those people. (Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone.)

1 MJ & Aviva 53.50
2 Talai & Ann 58.23
3 Jeff & Bri 01:03.5
4 Ari & Alex & Nico 01:33.0
5 Carly & Owen
1 Jess Franklin & Karl Johnson 43.14
2 Katie & Lindsay 56.12
3 Jim Gunn 01:02.0
4 Alec & Mom 01:06.2
5 Bill Girardine 01:08.2
6 Karen Smith & Kai Rajala 01:19.6
7 Puckerface Team
1 Bryan & Todd 01:07.1
2 Thien Nguyen 01:12.0
3 Bryan & Madison 01:19.5
4 Matt Johns 01:21.0
5 Wyatt, John, and Patrick 01:22.1
6 Pam & Bruce 01:28.2
7 Jim & Cher 01:36.3
8 Phil & Deanna 01:43.1
9 Rioux Trio 01:53.2
10 Mike Villemure 01:54.4
11 William Moran 01:57.5
12 Dick Fortune 02:01.0
13 Bob Climie 02:04.0
14 Sam & Jude 02:11.0
15 Bryan Beddor 02:16.4
16 Larry & Rich 03:34.1
electronic results
1 Dave Mielock 01:09.3
2 Roddy Wares 01:28.4
3 Mike Ryan 01:31.3
4 Chuck Newman 01:37.2
5 Steve Kaczor 01:42.0
6 Joe Chemler 01:46.1
7 Alan Baljeu 01:47.3
8 Pat Murad 01:51.5
9 Dan Tuttle 01:53.1
10 Jeff & Jennifer McWilliams 01:57.1
11 Joseph Marincel 02:00.2
12 Diane & Megan 02:29.5
13 Bryan Delaney
14 Bob Tarabula
electronic results
1 Carl Arevang 01:02.1
2 Igor Guskov 01:02.2
3 Dave Eaton 01:02.5
4 Rick Waldo 01:13.1
5 Al Newman 01:21.5
6 Lew Kidder 01:29.4
7 Alan Oprsal 01:30.3
8 Tom Lee 01:32.6
9 Mika Lavaque-Manty 01:44.6
10 Alex Izzo 01:59.3
11 Jeff & Jens 02:01.3
12 Matt Johnson 02:03.2
13 Tony Misovski 02:16.2