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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Haven Hill
April 25, 2010

Thanks to everyone for coming out on a less than perfect day. The Score-O course was apparently fairly difficult. Nobody was able to clear the course in the time limit, which wasn't a huge surprise to neither Matt nor I. Even the smoking Swede Carl Averang came in 20 points shy of the 143 total points on the course. I'm sure if he were given a few more minutes he would have done it. Studs Dave Eaton and Rick Waldo also had great performances of 113 and 107 points, respectively. Our top female finishers were Marcia Harrington with 58 points and Roddy Wares with 57. Great job girls.
I apologize for marking the control 4JN incorrectly on the map. It was pointed out that the control was in the next depression northwest of what was indicated on the map. Also there were a lot of people that spent time searching for 3XZ without having any success. It turns out that we may have had a mischievous vermin that sabotaged our course. Rick Waldo volunteered to pickup up some controls after the race. He found the control crammed into the base of a rotted out tree trunk. His best guess is that a woodchuck liked our orange and white nylon so much that they decided to drag it into their home! Sorry woodchuck but Rick took it back. Since everyone was bound to have difficulty with this control it has been omitted from the total points for the course.
With most people opting to do the Score-O there were only a handful of people that did the White course. After helping with registration and giving instructions for the Score-O Melissa Pagen set off to do the course. It was not explained to her that she didn't have to go in a straight line from point to point. Sorry about that Melissa. I continued along the course with her after saving her from taking a swim through a marsh as she was dead-set to get to the second control in a perfectly linear fashion. Megan Ross did the course with her big black dog Atlas and a new age category of less than four years old was created for the final finisher Emilie Monroy. Great job cutie.
Matt and I appreciate the help from Tom Lee, Anas Orfali and Rick Waldo for gathering controls at the end of the day and also to Melissa Pagen for assisting with getting the event going.

Brian Ross

Carl Averang 123 1:57:51
Dave Eaton 113 2:00:00
Rick Waldo 107 2:00:00
Al Newman 86 1:57:15
Lew Kidder 77 2:00:00
Greg Gibbard 76 2:00:00
Alex Izzo 75 1:57:34
Tom Lee 64 1:55:19
Gary Harrington 63 1:58:34
Anas Orfali 59 1:55:40
Mike Keating 59 1:58:54
Marcia Harrington 58 1:43:30
Roddy 57 1:56:40
Benzie 53 1:58:15
Tony Misovski 50 1:53:43
Seeley 45 1:57:47
Christer Averant 45 1:58:52
Sarah Davenport 42 1:55:35
Brent Davenport 42 1:57:29
Pat Murad 41 ?
Joe Chemler 39 1:55:35
Marie & Mike Martinko 38 1:52:08
Mike & Evan 38 1:54:48
Solar Szalkie 34 1:59:29
Don Jones 27 5 2:01:42
Trillium 26 1:58:50
Greg Bunkosky 25 1:51:00
Greg 24 1:45:00
Crew 628 group 2 24 1:49:05
Jess & Karl 20 1:10:00
Crew 628 group 1 20 1:49:05
David 19 1:54:21
Brian Harbaugh 17 1:54:56
Brian Delaney -14 65 2:13:12
Bob Tarabula -65 95 2:19:00
Rob Wright ? 0:54:50
Judy Ross OE
36 entrants, 46 controls, 143 points total

White Course

Melissa Pagen & Brian Ross 42 min
Megan Ross 44 min
Emilia Monroy & Parents + pup 58 min
8 controls, 2.4 km