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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Silver Lake
April 3, 2010

Swelled by more than 60 members of the Michigan Adventurers Club, SMOC”s opening meet of the 2010 season apparently set a new record for total participation. One-hundred, sixty-four people appeared on the start lists for one of the five courses, with several more setting out without checking with the timer. For many, it was their first experience with the sport of orienteering.

Anticipating a larger than usual turnout, a number of the club veterans were on hand to give impromptu clinics. Their efforts contributed significantly to the event’s success, as the meet directors had their hands full at registration and timing.

The day began with a continuation of a warmer-than-usual run of temperatures, but the late afternoon brought some serious winds and even a few brief rain squalls. The latter phenomena caused some of the later starters to cut their courses short, thus producing a fair number of “OE’s” (Orienteering Experience) in the results.

Though the courses were (except for the 8.4K Red) of modest length, they were complicated by a number of factors. Some of those were of the natural world (i.e., some thick concentrations of autumn olive and wild rose), while others were of man’s making. Among the latter were a few controls with missing codes, two with no punches, and one which was clearly mislabeled on the clue sheet. The meet director asks for everyone’s understanding and forgiveness.

Time in Minutes
Tony Maletich 30.51
John & Robert Gazdecki, Jude Shepard, Sefanie Carano 55.01
Jeff Kniola 56.59
Sy Rajani + 3 57.01
Tom & Ruth Piesik 59.34
Team Grant:  Thomas, Jill, Lillian, Alex, Olivia 67.00
David, Michelle, Raphael 71.35
Tim Goliver + 2 72.00
Kim Young, Pablo Balan, Carol ? 103.20
Brian & Lacey Harbaugh
Cherie Chang + 3
Scott Pope & Matt Durham 47.00
Bob Climie 48.17
Scott Waclawik, Vera Linnansalo, Amanda Welton 65.38
Mary Joscelyn & Catherine Roberts 65.55
Terry & Margaret Catterall 68.00
Bill Girardin 69.00
Mandy Sarotte, Jim Stange, Katie Atto 72.30
Cris Cataldo & Cally Bukovina 76.50
Marcia Nunn & Jill Kleinsmith 79.40
Ed Ahmed, Don Restauri, Brendan Murphy, Steve Fuertes 80.58
Chris McMahon, Chris Bardy, Amir Eyal 81.52
Bryne & Ellen Brokerick 87.40
Eric Litwin, Sarah Beste, Sheri Seasons 122.49
John Parmentier, Ula Kaytoch, Nick Storey
Carolyn Miranda & Ken Adams
Bill & Lois Matthews
Ken & Ali Nieman 53.45
Kit & Nancy Moran 74.30
Florian Block 78.05
Robert Messer & Pam Kittel 79.45
Don Jones 81.28
Angela Schmorrow & Lowell Zuckerman 81.50
Art Ostaszewski 84.30
Ji Wu, Rimma Isayeva, Yan Isayev, Wilfred Onimo 84.45
Doug & Evan Post 85.00
Jeff Williams, Dan Tuttle, Chick Dhupati 95.10
Brian & Carly Ross 95.20
Robert Wright 97.45
Sam Addington & Kevin Yorick 118.40
Becca Burkhead 119.15
Don Wood 120.00
Jackie Ostrosky, Linda Ringlein, Karen harouturian, Krisanne Schmidt 128.55
Gary Read + 2 129.00
Art & Jan Mack 129.01
Mike Cox, Annette Cox, Lisa Jannan 131.55
Brooke Ratliff 142.00
Mark Bushor, Stacey Bushor, Angel Price, Connor Alguire 143.01
Megan Donahue 107.45
Pat Murad 116.05
Steve Garrison 127.50
Brett Todd & Katie Emaus 135.18
Tony Maletich & Jay Smith 137.20
Brian Delaney 137.21
Chuck Newman 144.23
Tob Tarabula 152.10
Nick Stremer, Mary Dodge, Stee Thuanai 154.10
Dennis Elston 156.05
Dick Fortune 167.30
Hyder Allebban, Bettina Hasty, Patti Madden, Shane Estes 190.05
Jim & Luke Pouillon
Sarah Davenport
Scott Bruns
Bob Finger + Duncan, Gwen, & Todd Watson
Tom Svobodny
Fast, unoff.
Gabe Svododny
Fast, unoff.
Igor Guskov 107.55
Dave Eaton 109.10
Carl Arevang 113.23
Rick Waldo 118.30
Matt Ross 146.05
Chris Svoboda 160.08
Jim Matthews & Cheryl Santure
Tom Lee
Steve Benzie
Diane Deangelis & Carl Talaski
Jeff & Jennifer McWilliams
Anas Orfali
Ben & Dave Duimstra
Doran & Eva Duckworth
Mark Voit
Joseph Burkhead