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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Sping Mill
October 3, 2010

There was a good turn-out for the Spring Mill meet. The weather turned out to be sunny and nice despite the earlier- in-the- week forecasts of rain. The weather and Spring Mill's challenging terrain made for a fun day. There were some complaints about a control possibly being hung in the wrong place, and I didn't get a chance to double-check that in the field. On the red course, the map showed rocky ground and two small boulders and that's where I placed the control. Thank-you to Igor Guskov, Carl Arevang, Tom Lee, and the team of Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson for picking up most of the controls. Also thanks to Mary Joscelyn & Catherine Roberts for assisting as Cashiers; and to Alan Baljeu for helping and waiting for me to get back / out of the woods before starting anyone (actually the maps got locked in my car)..

Terry  Catterall 0:43
Mary  Joscelyn & Cath. & Jessica  Roberts 0:55
Brian  &  Yukie 1:05
Steve  Risner 1:07
Chris  Ballard  Family 1:59
Kent & Kendall Cassella DNF
Marcia Nunn DNF
Chuck  Newman 1:53
Wyatt  &  Barbara 2:08
Nick  Stremer 2:26
Joe  Chemler 2:29
Mark  &  Jen 2:44
Ricardo  Lung 3:14
Joseph  Marincel 4:06
Mike  &  Dan DNF
Lame   Family DNF
Jess Franklin  &  Karl DNF
Bob  Tarbula DNF
Larry  Duffield  &  Rich  Lee DNF
Karen  Haroutunian  &  Krisanne  Schmidt DNF
Anas  Orfali 1:44
Lew Kidder 1:52
Mike  Keating 2:10
Roddy  W.  Newman 2:27
Pat  Murad 2:39
Mike  Fleischman 2:41
Brian  Delaney 2:50
Jeff  &  Jennifer  McWilliams 2:55
Boris  Avdeev DNF
Greg  Bunkoski DNF
Matt  Johnson DNF
Oleg  Koptelov DNF
Tom  Lee DNF
Mike  & Marie  Martinko DNF
Carl  Arevang 1:28
Igor  Guskov 1:36
Mark Voit 1:41
AL  Newman 1:54
Alan  Oprsal 2:19
Tony  Misovski 2:38
Garry  Harrington  &  Marsha 3:36
Jeff  Williams  &  Jens DNF