Meet location: Huron Meadows

Date: October 11, 2009

Directors: Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson with Alan Baljeu as Meet Director in Training

Special thanks and mention to Alan Baljeu for volunteering to learn the details for being a meet director. He came from Windsor on Saturday to hang controls, spent Saturday evening designing the Green and Orange courses, and was Meet Timer on Sunday. With a local Michigan helper, he should soon be ready to design and run an entire meet. Thanks to Mary Joscelyn for running the sign-in table. With Mary and Alan doing the hard stuff, Karl and I were free to give instruction and answer questions. Thanks to Igor and Rick for pickup. We had 96 sign in including both Girl and Boy Scout troops, used 73 maps, collected $457 including 1 annual membership. Net meet profit from map and compass use was $314.50.

Green and Red Courses included long trail runs. Many finishers came in gasping because it was a little more running than expected. Carl Averaug finished the 7.2 km Red course in 50:45.

If you had fun at this meet and would like more spring and fall meets, think about running a score-O meet this spring. Ask an officer or previous meet director to be your advisor or assistant. More meet directors means we all get to compete more times each season!


Red: 7.2 km, 18 controls, 11 runners
1Carl Averaug0:50:45
2Igor Guskov1:02:30
3Rick Waldo1:05:30
4Al Newman1:10:45
5Boris Avdeev1:11:35
6Lew Kidder1:20:03
7Brian Ross1:28:30
8Oleg Koptelov1:30:30
9Alex Izzo1:48:40
10Steve Benzie2:03:00
11Diane & Karl2:59:45
Green: 5.7 km, 13 controls, 11 runners
1Green Dragons1:26:00
2Norihiko Uchida1:26:30
3Patrick Murad1:35:45
4Anas Orfali & Uki the dog1:39:45
5Brian Delaney1:53:45
6Bryan & Jeremiah1:56:00
7Dennis Elston1:57:29
8Brian Halliwill2:14:00
9Greg Bunkosky2:26:00
 Roddy Wares (missed one control)DNF
Orange: 3.9 km, 11 controls, 17 runners
1Matt Johns1:05:00
2Brent Archer1:07:00
3Katie Lindsay1:13:00
4Chuck Newman1:13:45
5David & Becky1:15:30
6Jeans & Williams1:27:30
7Angela Lowell1:34:00
9Michael Blake1:42:50
10Dick Fortune1:45:00
11Robert Messer1:51:25
11Elena Avdeeva1:51:25
13Heather and Dimitri1:54:00
14Geneva Stevens & Lori Schultz2:01:50
15Jill & Marsha 2:12:00
 Phil & DeannaDNF
Yellow: 2.8 km, 11 controls, 14 runners
1Steve & Claire Garrison0:27:15
2Eva Soloman & Karen McKeachie1:00:50
3Geneva Stevens & Lori Schultz1:01:00
4Lana Krolikowski1:05:30
6Laura Buhl1:11:00
7Diane Fournier1:18:25
8Bill Girardin & Tom Borowski1:24:15
9Mary Joscelyn1:35:17
10Bob Climie1:56:30
11Stu, Ken, Jim (troop 209)2:24:50
12Kyle, Jordan, Zack (troop 209)2:31:15
13Anthony, Nick, Jeff (troop 209)2:47:30
14Ben, Kyle, James (troop 209)3:11:41
White: 2.5 km, 8 controls, 8 runners
2Lucy Stoops0:40:04
3Linda Fredriksson0:46:15
4Kathy (troop 41029)0:46:50
5Ed Solomon0:47:50
6Benzie team0:54:45
7Laurent & Raphael1:06:00

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