Meet location: Spring Mill

Date: May 10, 2009

Director: Dennis Elston

The area received a lot of rain during the previous week, and the park official allowed me to start placing controls in the woods only 24 hours in advance of the competition. As it was, there was heavy rain on Friday through 1 pm Saturday. So I set out both the Yellow and Orange courses then some of the Red, finishing Red and Green on Sunday. I was hoping Red or Green runners could set out the White controls while I was out doing the longer courses.

In hindsight, the Yellow course would have been better accepted if I had used flagging tape to highlight the indistinct trail.

Special thanks to: Mary Joscelyn for registration; Pat Murad as time keeper; Lynn Leannais as nurse, and Igor Guskov, Rick Waldo, Tom Lee, Chuck Newman, and Lew Kidder for control pickup. At least the rain held off until just before they got out of the woods.

So for a day of orienteering we had a great Mother's Day.


 Igor Guskov1:45:00
 Lew Kidder1:49:00
 Tom Lee1:45:03
 Rick Waldo1:52:00
 Carl ArevangDNF
 Brian DelaneyOE
 Jeff & Jenifer McWilliamsOE
 Alan OprsalOE
 Mike Keating  42:05
 Norihiko Uciti Da  51:00
 Mike Ryan  53:00
 Brian Ross1:15:00
 Alan Oprsal2:10:00
 Chuck Newman1:24:00
 Dick FortuneOE
 Brett RobinsonOE
 Ian Summerville1:10:00
 Jess & Cindy Franklin1:25:16
 Tina Coughley1:32:40
  Matt JohnsOE
  Heather & Dimitri Kettelhohn & SamOE
  Barbara Brook, Scott, & MaonmsonOE
  Joseph MarincelOE
  Green Team (Cooper, Michelle, & Anna)OE
 Ruth & Tom Piesik  41:00
 Mary Beth & Dale Waldo  47:00
 Lynn, Liz, & Mary Grace Leannais1:09:05
 Susan & Hans Sowder & company (Maggie, Mia, Emma, & Nate)1:35:00
 Brian & Debbie Brender 1:36:00
 Carrie & John Serfass1:37:00 DNF
 Dick FortuneOE
 Heather, Maddy, & Ella GuzickOE
 Carol Stein & family  61:22
 Aldolfo Monry & Patricia Porta  75:00
 Linda FredrikssonOE
 one walking childOE

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