Meet location: Crooked Lake

Date: April 11, 2009

Director: Lew Kidder

A field of nearly 100 appeared at the season's opening meet on a brilliantly sunny day in the Waterloo Recreation Area. The event was centered on the Crooked Lake public access site and featured White, Yellowish Orange, Green, and Red courses.

Young Angela Voit was the star of the meet, bolting around the 2.5 km White course in just over 36 minutes. And now that she has figured out how to take off-trail shortcuts, it likely won’t be long until she begins to sample more advanced courses. Her (slightly) older brother Sebastin was impressive too, finishing sixth on the Yellowish Orange course.

Several vets turned in fine performances on a Red course with lots of pickers and some difficult route choices. In his first shot at the sport in the U.S., Sweden's Carl Arevang flashed around the 6.2 km course in 55:15, the only person to break the one-hour mark. And since he'll be on sabbatical at the University of Michigan for the next three years, we can undoubtedly look forward to many more such bar-raising performances.


Red: 5.8 km (20 participants)
 Carl Arevang0:55:15
 Mark Voit1:02:13
 Igor Buskov1:06:15
 Dave Eaton1:12:20
 Boris Avdeev1:15:39
 Rick Waldo1:15:40
 Joe Burkhead1:28:10
 Mike Ryan2:12:45
 Chris & Dave Verschoor2:38:00
10  Jennifer McWilliamsOE
11  Diane Deangelis & Carl TalaskiOE
12  Matt JohnsonOE
13  Michelle & Jeff McWilliamsOE
14  Cheryl Donahoe & Eric MullerOE
15  Art OstaszewskiOE
Green: 4.5 km (30 participants)
 Brian Ross1:07:11
 Mike Keating1:20:35
 Anas Orfali1:30:13
 Steve Benzie1:32:12
 Great Lakes Adventure Club1:42:05
 Megan Donahue1:47:02
 Mark Ware + four1:47:50
 Talk Derby to Me1:49:15
 Heidi Snyder1:53:25
10  Robert Messer1:53:45
11  Traci Haynes & Gordie Ambros2:07:40
12  Alan Baljeu2:08:50
13  Dick Fortune2:14:08
14  Josh Zenker & Jonathan Pinkel2:36:55
14  Josiah Bean & Elijah Bean2:36:55
16  Jim LaugOE
17  Kit & Nancy MoranOE
18  Eamonn & Luke DwyerOE
Dark Yellow/Light Orange: 3.4 km (28 participants)
 Dan Emmert0:59:29
 Brian Cavanaugh1:02:57
 Joseph Marincel1:03:20
 Alex Slocum1:03:48
 Michelle & Jeff McWilliams1:15:50
 Sebastin Voit1:26:15
 Pam Kittel1:26:16
 Seth Alder & Tony Maletich1:34:55
 Tom Jameson1:35:30
10  Tim Block & Mike Derkanski1:41:05
11  Brett Robinson1:44:43
12  Ken & Zack Swartz1:45:10
13  Becca Burkhead1:53:15
14  Jim Pouillon2:18:25
15  Rick Urban & Stefanie Bloxsom2:20:15
16  Tom & Ruth Piesik2:25:30
17  Jackie Ostrosky & Mike Jenkins2:27:00
18  Debbie & Jessica Pinkel, Chris Bean3:03:15
19  Bruce ComforthOE
White: 2.5 km (14 participants)
 Angela Voit0:36:25
 Scott & Joseph Craig0:48:50
 Tony Maletich0:49:52
 Marsha Nunn & Jill Kleinsmith1:16:50
 Chris & Leslie Zenker1:30:50
 Nicholas, Matthew, & Melissa Benzie1:30:58
 Chuck, Colin, & Jill Kovich1:36:00
Control Pick Up
 Pat Murad14
 Dennis Elston  8

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