Meet location: Crooked Lake

Date: November 2, 2008

Director: Laurent and Diane Fournier

More than fifty orienteers and several hundred horse riders enjoyed the woods of Waterloo Recreation Area last Sunday, proving that intelligent and good willing people (only one or two bow hunters did not enter into this category) can actually share public land without any conflict. The race was held on the north side of the Pond Lily Lookout map.

Conditions were a little bit worst than expected, with temperature in the low 50's and a few drops or rain between 1pm and 2pm. The sun only showed up at the end of the race. Thanks for Rick Waldo, Mark Voigt, Alan Oprsal, and Boris Ardeev for picking up the controls after the race

All race levels were highly competitive. Kalish group won the White course by a mere 2 minutes, while Peterson and Garrisons shared the win in Yellow (they actually raced together). On the Orange race, Art Oastaszinski won pretty easily. On the Green race, Mielock also won easily, but Bill Luitje took a risky option on the last stretch (crossing directly the marsh from the last control to the finish) to win the second place over Mike Keating by only 10 seconds. On the Red course, Rick Waldo mentioned a technical problem on his favorite compass (the needle got blocked for a while) that cost him "about 1 minute" between control 7 and 8. This problem turned out to be costly, as he lost the race by less than 30 seconds!!!


 Igor Guskov1:04:43
 Rick Waldo1:05:20
 Boris Ardeev1:10:40
 Al Newman1:11:35
 Alan Oprev1:45:10
 Mike Ryan2:23:05
 Steve Kaczor2:28:00
 Heidi ScheiderOEO
 Bill Luitje1:18:40
 Mike Keating1:18:50
 Mark & Todd1:25:20
 Gutsy (2)1:39:00
 Patner Ross1:41:20
 Norihiko Uchida1:41:30
 Alan Balgeu1:56:58
 Bob Tarabula2:02:45
 Robert Messer2:59:25
 Ken CookOEO
 Art Ostaszinski0:54:07
 Liberty Partridge1:02:30
 Eamann Dwyet1:18:30
 Matt Jones1:26:00
 Angela Lowell1:28:30
 Jess Carl1:41:46
 Rich & Mark Dewald1:42:30
 Carla Kavdson1:58:20
 Dick & Jennifer2:12:00
 Michel GreenOEO
 Palic (2)OEO
 Garissons (2)0:40:00
 Tom Jameson0:44:00
 Bill Girardin0:48:10
 Jim Pouillon0:52:10
 Team Riaux1:10:00
 Toam & Ruth Piesik1:16:30
 Rich & Mark Dewald0:40:10
 Heather Kuttelhohl & Dimitri 0:43:52
 Billick (2)1:14:05
 Ruth & Serine Partridge1:14:40
 Jim Matthews1:16:00
 Lilia LuitjeOEO

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