Meet location: Haven Hill

Date: October 26, 2008

Director: Rick Waldo

The Haven Hill Sunday meet used the controls from the previous evening's Night-O. Most of the controls for the White, Yellow, and Orange courses used locations directly from the Night-O, but all the Green and Red course controls were moved from their easier "night" location to nearby more technical locations. For example, I moved hilltop controls to perhaps a depression or reentrant. The Night-O and Red and Green courses used a section of the map open to hunting. When I put the controls out on Friday and even on Saturday, there were no hunters in the woods. However, on Sunday morning, there were quite a few hunters in the area I had wanted to use. The sheer number of hunters was very discouraging to me, so I decided on the spot to re-route Red and Green to avoid the hunting area. I just did not figure into my calculations that many hunters. I was quite happy with my original course design, but the changes necessary were not satisfactory to me, with a couple legs being essentially trail legs, so somewhat uninteresting for a runner.

Linda Burke graciously offered to help me on Sunday morning, and pretty much ran the show at registration until I finished with the controls replacements. Igor Guskov helped move some controls. Because of the course changes, this turned out to be critical to getting this chore done on time.

There were a few sprinkles in the 11 o'clock hour, with some ominous signs of heavier rain to come. Sure enough, right at 11:55 when the first runners were checking in with the starter, a cold, driving, heavy downpour came over. I still had a couple controls to move (at the end of the Red and Green courses, so plenty of time), and I thought, "It's going to be one heck of a wet run for those guys". We should have been looking back over our shoulder toward the northwest, however, because the rain passed over quickly, and within minutes clear skies enveloped the area and pretty much lasted the rest of the afternoon. There was a moderate breeze through the afternoon, and the temperature was in the low 50's.

About 1 o'clock a small thunderstorm passed a couple miles to the south and threw off a rogue lighting bolt. Al Newman, not wanting to tempt fate to live through another lightning strike, abandoned the course. But no harm was done, and the rest of the event went smoothly.

I want to especially thank Linda Burke and Igor Guskov for the help at registration and in moving controls. The Kinne Group, Robert Messer, Dennis Elston, Pat Murad, Bryan Ross, Laurent Fournier, and Nick Irish helped pick up controls. (Sorry if I forgot anyone.)


Red: 6.6 km, 14 controls
 Mark Voit69:24 
 Igor Guskov84:38 
 Alan Oprsal98:39 
 Dick & Dave169:00 
 Mark Ware280:55 
 Al NewmanDNF
Green: 5.4 km, 11 controls
 Matt Ross73:41 
 Bryan Ross85:31 
 Pat Murad87:51 
 Laurent Fournier101:00 
 Steve Benzie107:04 
 Liberty Partridge168:12 
 Roddy WaresDNF
Orange: 4.3 km, 13 controls
 Mike Ryan76:12 
 Eamonn Dwyer81:16 
 Jason Culbert95:30 
 Bob Tarabula96:46 
 Robert Messer106:41 
 Gordon Seeley114:30 
 Pat & Mike116:15 
 Kinne GroupDNF
Yellow: 3.4 km, 12 controls
 Bill Girardin74:12 
 Ruth & Tom Piesik115:12 
 Sandy & Cheryl150:40 
 Wheldon Group (5)152:10 
 Pat Collins170:20 
 Tom DeSantosDNF
 Jess & CarlDNF
White: 2.3 km, 8 controls
 Kalish Group44:41 
 Sebastian Voit45:32 
 Anne Waldo, Orson, & Asia Dog53:29 
 Melissa, Nicholas, & Matthew Benzie78:30 
 Jim, Megan, Chase, & Gus85:10 

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