Meet location: Yankee Springs

Date: May 4, 2008

Director: Mike Keating

It was a beautiful day at Yankee Springs with wonderful weather and some flowering trees. The turnout was good for the Yankee Springs location, and everyone appeared to have fun time orienteering regardless of whether their times were fast or slow.

Red, Green, and Yellow courses had the most participants. The Red course runners turned in the most impressive times, while the yellow course participants had some of the closest times between finishers (see times below). The Green course had the most DNFs with some reporting that they were way off on finding control 5 (a depression). The Red and Orange participants enjoyed skirting around the famous (or infamous) Devilís Soupbowl. The fastest Green course finishers (the team of Colin Keiffer, Todd Emaus, and Katie Francis) did indeed come running down the road three abreast at the finish.

There were some first-time orienteerers (including several scouts) and also some participants that had not orienteered for quite awhile. My family divided into two teams (the Lions team and the Princess team) to do the yellow course. The Lions team (my son and 4 1/2 year old grandson Johnny) had the better time, but the Princess team pointed out that they were handicapped by stopping to let my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter Molly enjoy watching the turtle get all the way across the trail.

Special thanks to my wife Mary Jean for helping with the setup and registration. Thanks also to Mark Voit, Megan Donahue, Kevin Keating, Paul Shank, Alex Izzo, and the Great Lakes Adventure team for helping pickup controls and signs. Special thanks for control pickup to Rick Waldo who picked up the farthest out controls.

It was a fun day!


Red: 7.61 km, 14 controls
 Mark Voit67.22 
 Igor Guskov84.93 
 Rick Waldo95.82 
 Al Newman98.80 
 Alex Izzo 120.05 
 Steve & Terri Kaczondnf 
Green: 5.58 km, 11 controls
 Colin, Todd, and Katie117.95 
 Roddy Ware126.20 
 Chuck Newman132.15 
 Megan Donahue146.77 
 Great Lakes Adventure154.72 
 Karen & Brad Brunner158.88 
 David Lappin & Sarah Peck252.05 
 Susanne Izzodnf 
 Tom Pietridnf 
 Brian Rossdnf 
 Paul Shankdnf 
Orange: 5.12 km, 11 controls
 Bruce Conforth & Pam Kittel185.57 
 Judy Rossdnf 
Yellow: 2.77 km, 6 controls
 Lions Team (Kevin Keating & Johnny Rioux)54.00 
 Sebastian Voit54.67 
 David Erickson58.50 
 Princess Team (Molly & Mikala Rioux, Missy Patten, & M J Keating)81.53 
 Nick Hein82.65 
 Mark Ross97.92 
 Dan Hess101.92 
White: 1.81 km, 5 controls
 Angela Voit53.50 
 Dan Hess86.00 

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Modified May 9, 2008, by Robert Messer.