Meet location: Pond Lily Lookout

Date: October 14, 2007

Director: Lew Kidder

Most of the 102-human and two-dog field started early and missed all but the first few sprinkles. For those arriving later, the rain got rather steady as the afternoon wore on. Not surprisingly, the most frequent complaint involved not the wet conditions, but the thick, viney undergrowth in significant portions of the course. Al Newman was heard observing that the original mapper clearly ran out of green ink.

The dense conditions obviously affected average times. Particularly nettlesome were controls #3 and #7 on the Green and Red courses. Most seemed to figure out where #7 would be; the problem rather was finding a way through the daunting vegetation surrounding that general area.

The best performances belonged to Peter Kolmskog and Rick Waldo, who blitzed the difficult Red course in 75 and 79 minutes respectively. But a special award should go to Reno Nye, who led a group of 13 into the woods and returned without losing a single member.


Red: 5.8 km (16 participants)
 Peter Kolmskog1:15:17
 Ric Waldo1:19:49
 Al Newman1:28:53
 Igor Guskov1:33:25
 Andrej Studen1:35:26
 Bill Luitje1:56:08
 Joel Billau1:58:30
 Boris Audeev2:00:45
 Chris Westra2:05:00
10  Alex Izzo2:09:07
11  Mike Hanchett2:13:47
12  Greg Lukas2:16:45
13  Matt Johnson2:19:30
14  Mike Keating2:25:40
15  Tom Lee2:27:14
16  Art OstaszewskiOE
Green: 4.5 km (25 participants)
 Mike Ryan1:30:56
 J. D. Lindeberg1:31:14
 Pat Murad1:40:35
 Chuck Newman1:54:17
 Roddy Wares2:07:03
 Ryan McGee2:34:23
 Robert Messer & Pam Kittel2:38:00
 Sarah Deuel2:41:18
 Wojtek Zbijewski2:56:30
10  Mike & Pat Villemure2:56:52
11  Bob Tarabula2:57:26
12  Dave RiggsOE
13  Parker FinnOE
14  Laurent Fournier & Diane CookOE
15  Patty McTigueOE
16  Bonnie MillerOE
17  David KelleyOE
18  Pouillon family (4)OE
19  Suzanne IzzoOE
Dark Yellow/Light Orange, 3.0 km (42 participants)
 John Loudermilk0:53:40
 Allen Baljeu0:59:00
 Chuck Brenner1:04:50
 Nicole Girard1:06:20
 Bill Girardin1:07:53
 Jess Franklin & Carl1:22:10
 Brian Zyburn1:25:15
 Amy Kuras & Diane Carr1:27:30
 Cathy Susan & Wanda Gunderson1:36:47
10  Denise & Dawn1:52:00
11  Dick Fortune & Jennifer1:55:25
12  Dennis & Libby Berry2:10:25
13  Sherie Chang2:15:50
14  Debra Ullenbruch2:29:49
15  The Pathfinders (16)OE
16  Mary Joscelyn & Catherine RobertsOE
17  Ben Santoro & family (4)OE
White: 2.5 km (22 participants)
 Jamie O'Donnell & Laura Ellison1:01:50
 Mikala Rioux1:20:00
 Thurston Miller (4)1:24:02
 Chuck & Colin KovickOE
 Reno Nye & “The Group” (13)OE

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