Meet location: Silver Lake

Date: September 30, 2007

Director: Mike Keating

It was a beautiful day for orienteering, and there was a nice turnout. Five courses were offered with Red and Orange being the ones that attracted the most participants. Everyone appeared to have a good time–both those who were aiming for fast times and those who were enjoying the orienteering experience and not that concerned about the time. Some of the DNFs were adventure club members practicing their navigation skills. They were quite happy with their experience even though they did not find all the controls. Some of the Silver Lake areas have heavy vegetation (i.e., map as some shade of green) and that slows down the runners.

Mark Voit had the fastest time on Red (1:21:02), followed by Joel Billau (1:23:09) and Peter Kolmskog (1:23:28). Lew Kidder had the fastest time on Green (1:31:34), followed by Megan Donahue (1:32:37). Elisha Sabo from Israel (visiting family in Ann Arbor) had the fastest time on Orange (1:21:22), followed by Jess Franklin and Karl (1:49:47). Angela Voit had the fastest time on White (0:37:56). Zoe Metro was second on White (0:42:00). With her initial learning experience on White over, Zoe Metro then went back out on Yellow and turned in the fastest yellow time in 0:48:39. Beth Blanchard was second on Yellow (1:11:48).

A number of people helped with the meet. My daughter Mikala Rioux helped with the registration and also picked up most of the white controls. Al Newman jumped right in and helped with the initial signup rush. Tom Lee, Jess Franklin, and David Ives picked up controls. My 4-year-old grandson Johnny Rioux helped carry things to and from the van, helped take the tables down, and helped hand out control sheets. I thought that was pretty good assistance for a 4-year-old. Thanks to all who helped with the meet. Id also like to take this opportunity to thank Robert Messer for doing such a good job with the SMOC website.


Red: 7.46 km, 15 controls
 Mark Voit 1:21:02
 Joel Billau 1:23:09
 Peter Kolmskog 1:23:28
 Igor Guskov 1:37:28
 Alex Brown 1:52:00
 Al Newman 1:52:15
 Rick & Daniel Waldo 1:54:18
 Mike Hanchett 2:05:13
 Thurston Miller 2:10:52
10  Laurent Fournier 2:23:03
11  Tom Lee 2:27:22
  Tim Mielock DNF
  Diane & Cris DNF
  Boris Ardeev DQ
Green: 5.23 km, 12 controls
 Lew Kidder 1:31:34
 Megan Donahue 1:32:37
 Chuck Newman 1:47:00
 Mike Ryan 1:55:10
Orange: 4.94 km, 12 controls
 Elisha Sabo 1:21:22
 Jess Franklin & Karl 1:49:47
 Bob Climie & Bob McBride 1:54:00
 Diane Cook 1:55:50
 Mike & Pat Villemure 2:00:44
 Eric Gamberg 2:11:54
 Robert Messer 2:18:22
 Mike Yurick & Rob Roy 2:34:25
 Kirsten, Gillian, & Gordon Seeley  2:47:40
10  Allen & Janet Duncan 3:02:06
  French Family DNF
  Jeff & Sue Villemure DNF
  Pam, Peter, & Alesia DNF
  Adventure Club Team 1 DNF
  Adventure Club Team 2 DNF
  Adventure Club Team 3 DNF
Yellow: 3.57 km, 8 controls
 Zoe Metro 0:48:39
 Beth Blanchard 1:11:48
 Carolyn Pappas 1:14:00
 Debra Ullenbruch 1:35:05
 Zimet Family 1:37:00
 Mikala, Johnny, & Molly Rioux 1:37:02
White: 2.18 km, 6 controls
 Angela Voit 0:37:56
 Zoe Metro 0:42:00
 Chuck & Collin Kovick 1:17:00

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Modified October 4, 2007, by Robert Messer.