Meet location: Mill Lake

Date: May 20, 2007

Director: Jess Franklin

There was a low turnout for a buggy but nice day. Late spring gets busy with garden, end-of-school-year, and family activities. So an earlier schedule may be better for next spring. The Discovery Center Staff are cheerful and helpful. They encouraged all runners to come into the Center to add to their visitor count. The Portage Lake Concession set up hot dogs, drinks, and chips inside the pavillion. Thanks to Mary Joslen for setup and map sign-in, and to Mike Keating, Rick Waldo, and Alan Oprsal for control collection. Special thanks to Bill Luitje for making a map and to Linda Burke for driving controls down from Lansing.


Red: 8 km, 14 control
Rick Waldo  79.23
Alan Oprsal  87.33
Al Newman101.36
Tom Lee111.56
Greg Lucas114.18
Dick West120 (dnf)
Green: 5.9 km, 10 controls
Laurent Fournier  63.52
Mike Keating   82.18
Finn Knudsen  84.37
Chuck Newman  99.53
Bret and Colin120.15
Blake Nicholson and Mike Lau124.48
Art Ostaszewski131.16
Orange: 4.4 km, 8 controls
Bruce and Todd  70.00
Mike Ryan  70.20
Bob Climie  80.55
Alan Baljei  82.12
Brent Archer109.50
Nathan and Heidi120.36
Diane Cook113.09 (missed 7)
Tom Simondnf
Yellow: 3.9 km, 15 controls
Scott Brunner  40.07
Nathan Currier-Grob  44.00
Team Hollowell106.10
Stu and Deb111.00
A A Langdnf
Mary Joslenpicked up controls
White: 2.2 km, 11 controls
Andrew and Carson  39.50
Roeder Team  93.30

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