Meet location: Pond Lily Lookout

Date: April 22, 2007

Directors: Laurent Fournier and Catherine Roberts

Spring was – at last – back in Michigan, and temperature in the upper 70s attracted a crowd of more that 70 at Crooked Lake. This was my first event as a meet director, and no need to say I was relieved to see the first competitors back at the finish having found all the controls. I should apologize though for one control of the Red/Green course that was probably slightly misplaced.

Sebastian Voigt blitzed the White course, and his 3-year old sister Angela finished a promising second, only minutes behind. Yellow and Orange were the most popular courses. David and Bryan Huber and Art Ostasziewski, respectively, easily won their categories.

Control 2 eluded numbers of competitors at the Green and Red levels, with many of the competitors losing as much as 20 minutes, looking for the small reentrant that was – admittedly – well hidden under some pine trees. It did not seem to bother Mark Voigt though who finished the race in an amazing 48 minutes or Lew Kidder who beat his field by more than 10 minutes in the Green course. Rick Waldo was particularly penalized by this control and got his revenge as he volunteered to pick up controls (thanks, Rick!!!).

I would like to thank all the persons who helped me picking up controls and taking care of the registration. I don? remember all their names, so I won? cite anyone. A special thanks to Andrej Studen who spent 15 months in Michigan and was one of our best competitors last year, finishing regularly in the top 3 at the Red level. Andrej helped me to set up the controls for this meet and will go back with his family to his native Slovenia at the end of the week.


Mark Voit0:48:30
Alen Oprsal1:04:30
Boris Andeyev1:12:48
Igor Guskob1:15:00
Lee Tom1:17:56
Knudsen Finn1:18:25
Al Newman1:25:20
Guy Lucas1:51:20
Alex Izzo1:54:25
Dave Waechman2:05:00
Rick WaldoOEO
Lew Kidder1:04:30
Brett Emaus1:15:50
Sweat and Tears1:26:50
Megan Donahue1:27:26
Mike Keating1:30:23
Mark Ryan1:38:15
Chuck Newman1:39:35
Bob Climie2:18:55
Franck RudowskiBackward
Jess and CarlOEO
Art Ostasziewski0:45:50
Matt Johns1:06:40
Blake Nicholson1:10:50
Angela and Lowell1:12:10
Pat and Mike1:13:40
Peter Stine and Pam Kittel1:28:30
Sarah and Teri2:11:15
Ron PooreOEO
Ted TowseOEO
Diane and DianeOEO
David and Bryan Huber0:50:30
Jess and Jocelyn Franklin1:00:00
Michaela Voit1:03:50
Van Dienpenhos1:16:28
Mikala Rioux1:19:28
Debbie and Stuart1:21:25
Deb Davis1:29:55
Le Annais1:38:20
BoyseNo Finish Time
Sebastien Voit0:30:18
Angela Voit0:39:00
Beth Blessing0:53:40
Christopher Billick (team of 3)1:20:40

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