Meet location: Huron Meadows

Date: November 5, 2006

Directors: Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson

The weather was terrific. The runners enjoyed the new map and location, and they also enjoyed not having to cross the Huron River. (River fording was suggested by Bill Luitje for Red last May.) Please note the Koptelov family placed first in each of Green, Orange, and Yellow.

Special thanks to Huron Clinton Metroparks for the use of Huron Meadows Metropark. The golf tournament room is an ideal location for the start/finish in cool weather, and the park is a no hunting area. The golf staff were friendly and welcoming for the Orienteer Runners.

Special thanks too to Bill Luitje for providing copies of the park map, to Mary Joscelyn for start sign in, to Mark Fochesato for course check Sunday morning, and to Rick Waldo, David Ives, and Rich Matthei for control pick up. Rick Waldo was able to leave at 5pm with his car full of all the equipment for the November 12 meet at Spring Mill.


Red: 7.43 km, 20 controls
Juha Heinoren60:45
Mark Voit64:27
Rick Waldo70:29
Alan Oprsal74:37
Al Newman80:37
Finn Knudsen91:28
Alex Izzo95:13
Lew Kidder95:27
Casey Hughes97:18
David Ives98:10
Paul Johnson118:26
Scott Eveningred131:35
Dave and Chris151:06
Gary and Marsha Harrington157:02
Steve Kaczor161:20
Doran Duckworth176:03
Green: 5.37 km, 14 controls
Oleg Koptelov75:39
Megan Donhue77:49
Mike Keeting86:11
Chuck Newman88:53
Mike Ryan91:20
Brian Halliwill94:30
Rich Matthei153:29
Orange: 4.33 km, 11 controls
Andre Koptelov42:12
Angela and Lowell66:33
Sweat and Tears68:38
Bob and Erin Waddell70:49
Diane Cook81:45
Robert Messer90:18
Pat and Mike91:48
Art and Brook Ostaszewski 98:33
Susan Douglas98:45
Pam Kittel and Peter Stine103:55
Jeff Cunningham113:46
Sonya Talwalker120:00
Cook Family124:27
Richard CohenDNF, 67:16
Pam BowerDNF, 124:30
Yellow: 3.21 km, 12 controls
Polina Koptelova36:38
Bill Girardin52:23
Andrew and Carson62:58
Shannon and Sandy66:13
Steve and Shara Cherniack67:43
Ginny Hughes73:40
Team Foch84:03
Bob Climie85:00
Troop 200185:00
Veronica and Marina96:45
Mary, Dan, Jane102:59
Claire Grebb124:53
White: 2.94 km, 11 controls
Troop 1634 group 329:41
Troop 1634 group 237:34
Troop 1634 group 542:15
Kevin Sweet46:28
Troop 1634 group 149:00
Troop 1634 dads49:20
White team59:00
Pat Oaks68:03
Triple A68:56
Suttonmissed 2, 79:04

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