Meet location: Silver Lake

Date: October 28, 2006

Director: John and Joan Walker

After a couple of rainy and cold days, Saturday evening transformed into a beautiful starry night that was perfect for night orienteering! Unfortunately, three flags that were put up Friday blew down during a very strong early Saturday morning windstorm. That did create a few problems until they were found and replaced. Thanks to Dave Ives and Bill Luitje for that!

I do offer apologies to Rick Waldo, Al Newman, David Ives, and anyone else who went to the far north area of the map as there were two misplaced flags and a blown down flag, one right after the other. No excuse other than carelessness!

Thanks to Brian, Pam, and Sue for helping to take down some of the checkpoints after everything was finished. And thanks to Jess Franklin for taking down some of the farthest checkpoints.

A penalty of 2 points was applied for each minute over the alloted time.


nametimepoints  points with penalty 
3 hour time limit
Rick Waldo2:44320320
Joel and Shannon Billau2:57270270
Reno Nye2:43265265
Pat Oats2:40260260
Chuck Kavik2:40260260
Bill Luitje3:08275259
Chris and Dave Johnson2:54245245
Mike Yurick and son2:54210210
Dave Ives2:29205205
Chris Westra2:46190190
Doran Duckworth and family2:53  90  90
Greg Lukas2:19  80  80
Paul Johnson2:57  
2 hour time limit
Laurent Fournier1:56245245
Brian, Pam, and Sue1:57105105
Doug Cook1:42  90  90
Dennis Elsdon1:13  25  25
Andrew Callendar and Carson Manyard1:47  
1 hour time limit
Al Newman1:00140140
Chuck Newman0:58  80  80
Bill Girardin0:57  45  45

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