Meet location: Peach Mountain

Date: September 23, 2006

Director: Chuck Newman

With the woods still having their full foliage, the Peach Mountain venue proved to be a navigational challenge despite having numerous trails for all but our most experienced orienteerers. The rain earlier in the day left the woods slippery in spots and probably caused the turnout to be a bit on the low side. Most participants said that they enjoyed solving the puzzles presented by the courses.

Special recognition goes out to Sebastian Voit who had the fastest time of the day. As a prize and in recognition of the fact that the following day was his 9th birthday, he was given the huge jar containing the remaining animal crackers. Additional recognition should be given to Andrej who won the challenging Red course in 1:11 just ahead of several elite competitors. Dave Ives and Mary Joscelyn were of invaluable help in setting out the controls and helping the day of the meet. Additional thanks to Rich Matthei, Bill Luitje, Al Newman, and Roddy Wares for their help as well.


Andrej Studen1:11
Mark Fochesato 1:17
Mark Voit 1:18
Juha Heinonen 1:19
Mike Hanchett 2:35
Tom Lee 2:41
Gordon Seeley OT
Bill Luitje OE
Rich Matthei OE
Lorent Fournier 1:32
Team Alex 1:48
Todd and Moreen 1:49
Lew Kidder 1:52
Mike Ryan 1:55
Mike Keating 2:08
Dave Wiechman 2:42
Steve and Pam OT
Sonja Talwalker OE
Mike and Pat Yurick DNF
Andrew and Carson 1:15
Diane Cook 1:25:20
Benzie family 1:25:30
Mike, Trish, and Maisey 1:32
Angela and Lowell 1:36
Gillian and Robert 1:36
Cath Roberts 1:43
Mike, Pat, Doug, and Angela 1:46
Ehli 2:05
Natan, Oren, Yossi, Rifko 2:29
Sebastian Voit 0:59
Dave and Wendy 1:20
Caroline and Pat 1:21
Spencer and Webster 1:35
Heinonen and Smith 1:39

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