Meet location: Haven Hill

Date: September 17, 2006

Director: Mike Keating

September 17 was National Orienteering Day. It was a beautiful sunny day, although a little humid. The turn-out was light (perhaps because of the short notice time before the meet). Feedback was that the courses were very fun yet challenging. The closest 1-2 finish was between the two Koptelov teenagers on the Orange course. The youngest lone competitor was Sebastian Voit on the White course. I believe everyone had a good time – whether they were going for speed or just enjoying the woods. Thanks to Alex Izzo and Bill Luitje for helping pick up controls.


Mark Voit 1:24:52
Andrej Studen 1:36:09
Al Newman 1:41:51
Alex Izzo 2:30:03
Mike Hanchett 2:44:54
Mark Fochesato DNF
Bill Luitje 1:41:44
Roddy Ware 1:50:27
Oleg Koptelov 1:53:08
Megan Donahue 2:18:52
Jess and Carl Franklin 2:51:02
Alan Baljeu 3:21:00
Tina Coughluy DNF
Andrej Koptelov 2:14:05
Polina Koptelov 2:20:13
Ken Jones 3:43:00
Paul Vandevert and son John OE
Mary Joscelyn, Cath Roberts, and Diane Cook 1:02:04
Rioux Family 1:41:34
Carolyn and Harry Miller 2:19:50
Andrew Callender and Carson Maynard 0:37:36
Sebastian Voit 0:51:58
Wendy and Percy Lewis 1:28:50
Lisa DeShanu and Julie Browne 1:34:40
Mary Spencer and Dan Webster 2:15:32

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