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Directions and info about SMOC meet locations.

Meet Locations

The Southern Michigan Orienteering Club meets at locations where the club has prepared detailed orienteering maps. These contain contour lines to indicate the shape of the terrain and colors to indicate the type of vegetation or ground cover. Because these items can change with time, orienteering maps tend to become outdated. Over the past several years, SMOC has embarked on an extensive program to re-map our more popular areas, and to map new areas for orienteering. Our current maps are listed below.

OCAD is a computer-aided drafting program specifically developed for creating orienteering maps. If SMOC has a map stored in OCAD format, the meet director can choose to print the details of the portion of the mapped area containing the orienteering course with the course pre-printed.

Each of the links below will provide details for that site. Included are a road map and driving directions to the orienteering site, a sample of the SMOC map for the site, information about the SMOC map, and a link for further information about the area. Because each meet director chooses the starting location for the event, please look for the orange and white orienteering signs directing you to parking areas and the starting location for the meet.

* Belle Isle
* Bird Hills Park
* Bishop Lake
* Cascades Park
* Crooked Lake
* Ella Sharp Park
* Halfmoon Lake
* Haven Hill
* Huron Meadows
* Mill Lake
* Peach Mountain
* Pond Lily Lookout
* Pontiac Lake
* Portage Lake
* Silver Lake
* Spring Mill
* Sugarloaf Hill
* Waterloo Rec Area Headquarters
* Yankee Springs



Orienteering Is

Orienteering is a sports that combines navigational skills, using a highly detailed map and a compass, to navigate through diverse and often unfamiliar terrain and visit control points in sequence.


Rain (snow) or Shine

Southern Michigan Orienteering Club races go on despite the weather.



Orienteering maps are a very detailed topographic map. They show such things as vegetation density, water features, trails, roads, ditches, pits, fences, buildings, boulders, and many other features of the terrain.



Want to try orienteering? Free instruction is available at all meets, just ask when you sign in. You may rent a compasses for a nominal fee